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All of these studies are available in MSWORD format Click Here for more information.

The USA and other countries are currently at war with Iraq. Is war ok? Click Here for a study on war

Ever since September 11th people have wondered what's going on in the USA. Click Here for a study on 9/11

There will come a time when many will disappear from the earth. Click Here for a study to find out what will/did happened to everybody.

October 31, what do we as Christians do about celebrating Halloween? Click Here to see what the bible says.

When did Christmas start and what's it really all about? Click Here for a study on Christmas.

Do you need a Christmas story to read or share with your family? Click Here for Thee Christmas Story.

What is Passover? Click Here for a study on the Passover and see Jesus in it all.

Are you seeking God's hand of giving or His face? Click Here for a study to learn the difference.

This is a poem I wrote about 4 years ago called "Did You know?" Click Here to read it.

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