Did You know

Did you know what you were really getting into?
When you were crucified for me?

When they drove the nails in your hands,
Did you know I would be stealing?

When they put the vinegar to your lips,
Did you know I would be drinking?

When they slapped and hit you,
Did you know I would slap you by denying you?

When they clothed you with the robe and mocked you,
Did you know I would be clothing myself with pride?

When they questioned you, and you remained silent,
Did you know I would be speaking profanities?

Did you really know what you were getting into,
When you died for me?

Did you know that when the disciples ran and hid,
I would be running from you?

Did you know the pain I would cause you on the cross or,
How many years it would be before I would look to you?

Did you know when they pierced your side and blood and water flowed out,
I would be crying in shame with my tears flowing just the same?

But you knew,
You prayed Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

Thank you for knowing what you were getting into!

Thank you for even knowing and loving me so much,
You were willing to endure all the pain and shame on the cross for me!

Forgive me Jesus for all I've done to you,
Forgive me Jesus for all sins I have committed against you!

Forgive me Father for denying your son,
Forgive me Father for all of my wrong!

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