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with God

Psalms 68:35

O God, You are more awesome than Your holy places.
The God of Israel is He who gives strength and power to His people.
Blessed be God!

I hope you all had a wonderful Resurrection Day (Easter) last Sunday. I know I did. The church I go to had their service outside in the middle of downtown Santa Barbara, CA. They say over 5000 people attended on this Sunday. God is too awesome!
But while I was there I saw one of my favorite pastors walk right by me, who's teaching I really enjoy and have helped me over the years. I didn't stop him and talk to him because I'm sure he would be getting stopped several times before he found his way to his seat. I have seen pictures of him but never seen him in person, and do you know what the first thing I thought of was? (Now don't laugh, but it is true. Ok, you can laugh.)
"I thought he was bigger then that. In his pictures and on TV or the Internet, he looks so much taller."

As I was thinking about this today, it struck me that no one will say to God or even think when they finally see Him, "I thought He would be bigger then that."
The bible gives us a glimpse of how big God is.

  • Isaiah 66:1a Thus says the LORD:
    "Heaven is My throne,
    And earth is My footstool.

  • Now that is big, but it is beyond our imagination of how big God is.
    I recently saw a bumper sticker on a car of a non-Christian (it was obvious this was a non Christian by the other bumper stickers as well). The bumper sticker said, "My god can beat up your god."
    Let the world's gods fight their things out, but the truth is that my God loves me so much that He died and rose from the dead for me so I can spend eternity with Him in heaven. What has your god done for you lately?
    My God did this for you to! Maybe it's time to put those others so-called gods aside and come to the only real, true and LIVING GOD!
    Once you see Him I guarantee that you won't say, "I thought He would be bigger." No, if we are even able to speak, I think the only word we will be able to say is "WOW!"

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