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Gen 30:27-28 (NLT)

27 "Please don't leave me," Laban replied, "for I have learned by divination that the LORD has blessed me because you are here. 28 How much do I owe you? Whatever it is, I'll pay it."

Here is a good question for a Friday morning.
What would it take for you to leave your job?
Maybe a better job that pays more or an easier job where you don't have to work so hard, yet make the same amount of money?
OK, so here is another question.
What would your employer pay or do to keep you there?
"Are you kidding, they would love to get rid of me, plus I don't like my job all that much anyway."
Wrong answer.
You see, the Lord has given us each our jobs, and because it's something that the Lord has given us, just like everything else He has given us, we should take good care of it.

If you read the story in Genesis of what's going on here in today's devotional verses, Laban was not a good employer and tried many times to cheat Jacob out of what was his.
Even though all this was going on, Jacob was still a hard worker and prospered in his job.
If you read the story, you will find out that Jacob exceeded Laban in wealth because he was a hard worker.

So if your answer to the second question was that your employer would be happy for you to leave, then maybe you need to stop and see how hard of a worker you really are. If they would be happy for you to leave, then maybe you are not as great as you think you are.
If this is the case, pray and ask the Lord to give you a heart like Jacob to work hard.
A hard worker is also a testimony of a good Christian. It's when Christians think that the only reason they are at their jobs is to tell other about Jesus.
Your boss doesn't pay you to preach, he pays you to do a job.
God wants us to work hard because it shows that His children are trust worthy hard workers, and if your boss knows that you are a Christian and thee hardest worker there, what kind of a testimony is that to him and others.
I would say a good one, because you can preach all day, but your actions show who or what you really are.

So which are you, a man or woman who wants to earn an honest days wages, or being paid for something you were not hired to do.

Sure God wants us to be a witness, but God also gave us jobs to take care of our families.
If you are a hard worker, I think the Lord will allow this to be a great witness for Him, and may prosper you as well.

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