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with God

Micah 6:3 (NLT)

O my people, what have I done to make you turn from me? Tell me why your patience is exhausted! Answer me!

I have been in some really good churches, and also some that were not that good.
I remember one where I was in charge of the sound, and one time I hadn't gone to church for a month. I took that long before anyone even called to find out if I was ok or not.
I remember another where when we decided it was time to leave and go to another church, that the pastor was going to have his wife call to find out why.
A final one was where the people ended up forcing a good bible teaching pastor out because they said that they were not feed the meat of the word. But the truth is that they wanted McDonald's instead of the Red Lobster that he was serving.

So why do I tell you this? Is it to put down these churches? No, because if I were I would have mentioned the names of the churches.
But the reason I tell you this is because sometimes people will turn their backs on the Lord because of how they were treated in the church.
This is a sad and even sinful thing to do.
Why? Because you are angry with the Lord because of what someone else has done to you, not God.
We do the same in marriages or friendships, where in a past relationship you are treated wrongly, but you end up making your spouse or friend pay for what someone else did to you in the past.

Look at the first sentence of today's devotional verse again:

O my people, what have I done to make you turn from me?

Just because the church or another Christian or person has done you wrong, why are you angry with God?
Should I be angry with God because for a month the church didn't even care that I was gone?
Was God the one who didn't care about me, or was it man?
So why blame God?
Maybe your past has some pretty ugly stuff in it. Did God cause that ugly stuff to happen?
Then why are you angry with God?

Think of your marriage where you treat your spouse wrongly because of what someone else has done to you. Did your spouse do this to you? Then why are you treating him or her like they did?

It's true that men (and women) will let you down, and even make you angry or upset.
But when they do (and they will) don't blame God.
Some people will even refuse to go to church, any church, because of a bad experience in the past. Once again you are blaming God and even others for something that He or they have not done to you.
Not all churches are alike and if you search you will find one that you will know you are home at once you are there.
But we only have one God, and He will never do anything to cause you to be angry with Him.

O my people, what have I done to make you turn from me?

If you think He did, then take it up with God.

Tell me why your patience is exhausted!

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