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with God

Mal 3:6

"For I am the LORD, I do not change;
Therefore you are not consumed, O sons of Jacob.

"You're so old fashion."
"Get with it; we are in the 21st century."
"You're so old school."
"We need fresh new ideas to get people into the church"

All sayings we have all heard or maybe even said. We think we are so much smarter now then people were just 40 years ago. After all, we have so much better technology, more easy to cook meals and fast food restaurants.
We have computers and the Internet so that we can get any information we want in just a matter of seconds.
We have cell phones so we can talk as we do our grocery shopping or driving in our cars.
We have detergent that gets are clothes whiter and brighter and even slows down the fading process.
We have microwaves so we can make popcorn in less then three minutes or cook an entire dinner in less then 10 minutes.
Even in the church we have PowerPoint presentations, and a cool sounding sound systems to entice people into the church.
"But we need these things in church"
I wonder if we do, because if you read in Acts of how 3000 came to the Lord in one day, and that there were no computers, no awesome worship band, no PowerPoint presentation, no fancy building, just God's word.
So do we need more technology in the church, or more of God's word?

If things are so much better and we are so much smarter, how come the world is getting worse and worse?
30 years ago the biggest problems in schools were, kids running in the halls and chewing gum in class. Today problems of murder, rape, gang violence, drugs and so on top the list in our schools.
20 years ago, they checked your ID to make sure you were over 17 to go to a "R" rated movie, now they hope young children come to these movies full of sex, violence, nudity, profanity and so on.
If they can't get them into the movie, then make a video game out of it.

So why has things gotten worse? Because we change, but God doesn't.

"For I am the LORD, I do not change;

The world calls abstinence old fashion. God calls it sin; He did 6000 years ago and still does today.
The world says to get all you can, because you and your family deserve it. God calls it covetousness, which also is sin.

So if being "Old School" or "Old Fashion" means being obedient to God's word, which never changes, then call me old fashion, but also call me God's child!

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