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Jer 9:3(NKJV)

"And like their bow they have bent their tongues for lies.
They are not valiant for the truth on the earth.
For they proceed from evil to evil,
And they do not know Me," says the LORD.

"My people bend their tongues like bows to shoot lies. They refuse to stand up for the truth. And they only go from bad to worse! They care nothing for me," says the LORD. (NLT)

Let's talk about movies today. Do you know what the number one movie is out right now? Well here is the title and a little excerpt from the description of the movie.

Freddy Vs. Jason
Freddy Vs. Jason, the eighth entry in the Nightmare on Elm Street saga and the 11th film in the Friday the 13th series, though with Jason X taking place in the future, it should be noted that the events of this film take place after the ninth film Jason Goes to Hell. And it is hell where Freddy Kreuger (Robert Englund) and Jason Voorhies (Ken Kirzinger, donning the hockey mask for the first time) finally become acquainted. Banished there for eternity…

You think that's bad, I went into my local video store and the following movie was for rent there. Let me tell you that this movie is so bad that you have to go to the counter to request the movie to rent, because they want to make sure that no one under 17 gets their hands on it. So what's the movie?
Once again here is the title and a little excerpt of what the movie is about.

House of 1000 Corpses
Running low on gas as they travel the highways of America in search of the ultimate roadside attraction, a group of teens pull into Captain Spaulding's (Sid Haig) museum of oddities (which also offers fried chicken and gasoline) only to become obsessed with uncovering the mystery of a legendary local maniac known only as Dr. Satan.

I can't say anymore then to quote today's devotional verse.

For they proceed from evil to evil,
And they do not know Me," says the LORD.

The days are getting shorter before Jesus' return. It's time for us to tell others about Jesus!

There is one thing better then going to heaven and that's taking someone with you.
There is one thing worse then going to hell, and that's taking someone with you.
Where are you going and whom are you taking?

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