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with God

Prov 31:28

Her children rise up and call her blessed;
Her husband also, and he praises her:

I am the most blessed man in the whole world.
You see, our main car broke down, we have no money, I don't get paid until tomorrow and still it wont be enough to cover the car repair, groceries, and all our bills.
I work hard and seem to live from paycheck to paycheck, just barley making it sometimes.
But still I am the most blessed man in the world.
Because our car broke down, I was able to stay home today and witness something my wife does with our children. I knew she did this but it never really hit me until I actually saw it and heard it.
My wife was sitting on the floor, in the morning with our little babies reading them the bible.
She does this everyday and that is why I am so blessed.
Sure, it may seem like everything around me is falling apart, but to know that I have a wife who loves the Lord and raises our children to do the same is a total blessing. So even if I were to lose everything, just knowing I have a wife who loves the Lord makes up for all of it.

As a woman, you too must be a woman who loves the Lord and teaches your children about Him.
As a man, you must lead by example, not just dropping the wife and kids off at church on Sunday, but being there also and being a part of the church, not just a pew potato or bench warmer.
So women, can your husband say that he is blessed because of your relationship with the Lord and that you are teaching your children about Him?
Men can you say you are blessed because of your wife? If not, maybe you should look at yourself and your relationship with the Lord.
As the head of the home, your wife should know that you love the Lord, and as she sees this, she will want a family that does the same.

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