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Gen 37:18

Now when they saw him afar off, even before he came near them, they conspired against him to kill him.

In today's verse, this is speaking of how Joseph's brothers wanted to kill him because they were jealous of Joseph and his relationship with the Lord and his father.
Joseph did nothing wrong other then tell his brothers that the Lord had spoken to him in a dream. His brothers didn't like the message he received in his dream because it proclaimed that Joseph would rule over them.
But it wasn't so much that Joseph was going to rule over his family, but rather God would use him to save the lives of thousands who would have died from starvation during the famine.
But his brothers couldn't see that, all they could see was that the Lord was going to bless him and not them.

We need to be careful as Christians that we don't judge wrongly when the Lord does bless someone. We may not understand why God bless some with a lot, but He knows why and it is for His glory, not theirs.

So this week, be thankful for those who are faithful with the Lord's blessings and don't look down on them but rather encourage them to do the Lord's work.

It wasn't Joseph's richness that saved the people, but rather God's goodness and love for the people that saved them.
It's also God's love and grace that saved you, rich or poor or even somewhere in between.

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