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with God

Psalms 145:20 (NLT)

The LORD protects all those who love him, but he destroys the wicked.

Will we go to war or won't we?
That's the question on every Americans mind nowadays.
But the questions we should be asking are:
Does the Lord want us to go to war?
If yes, will He be with us?

You may be thinking, "Well of course He will, look at Iraq and how they serve other false gods. We don't do that here."

Is this a true statement or not?
We may not serve a false god like the Iraqi's do, but this nation does serve other gods.
We serve money, sex, pride, self-seeking, lust and on and on.
"But there are Christians here", you may be thinking. Well, believe it or not there are Christians in Iraq also.
If we do go to war, it's unknown whose side God will be on, if any. We both have rejected Him and we are not the nation of Israel.
Maybe God will destroy both countries, theirs and ours.
We as a nation only call upon God when we are in need. When September 11th came, we called upon God, but we also allowed others to call upon their gods too.
With any major tragedy we call upon God, but when the smoke clears, we forget about Him until the next tragedy comes along.

Does this mean we shouldn't seek God?
No, we should seek Him always. We should all be praying for our president and leaders in this country.
But we should also repent as a nation and turn to God, not because there may be a war, but because this nation was founded on God, we just have seemed to misplace Him for the time being.

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