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Ezek 33:31-32 (NLT)

31 So they come pretending to be sincere and sit before you listening. But they have no intention of doing what I tell them. They express love with their mouths, but their hearts seek only after money. 32 You are very entertaining to them, like someone who sings love songs with a beautiful voice or plays fine music on an instrument. They hear what you say, but they don't do it!

Some people go to church on Sunday because they think they have to. After all they did during the week they feel if they go to church that they have paid their dues to God and He will forgive them.
They have no intent on neither serving God nor loving His Son Jesus. In fact some go because they like the music, or the way the pastor speaks. Some go for the food afterwards or the fellowship. They will tell the pastor how good his message was, but will not do what he just taught.
Some go just to mock or make fun of Christians. They walk away thinking how stupid we are to believe all that stuff about God and Jesus and the cross.

But God has a warning for these people, which is the next verse.

  • Ezek 33:33 (NLT) But when all these terrible things happen to them--as they certainly will--then they will know a prophet has been among them."

  • They hear of hell and the lake of fire and they scoff at it all. But in the end if they don't repent and turn to Jesus, all the terrible things the pastor and other Christians had told them will come to pass. But then it will be to late.

    If you are not a Christian this is a warning to you, and if you are and you know people like this, I would encourage you to pray for them and show them the truth of Jesus Christ in your life.

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