5 Minutes a day / 5 Days a week

with God

Isaiah 29:19

The humble also shall increase their joy in the LORD,
And the poor among men shall rejoice in the Holy One of Israel.

Today I would like you to start having a great week.
Maybe you have been having OK weeks or maybe it seems they have been terrible.
But today I have a cure for your bad weeks, and you only have to do three things.

First, write yourself a small note which says, "Pray on the way to work" and put it over your radio in your car. By doing so, it will remind you to start your day in prayer as you are driving to work instead of listening to the radio.

Second, buy a small bible and put it in your lunch box, in your purse or even in your pocket. Then during your lunchtime while you are eating, read God's word at the same time. By doing so you are feeding your body with food and feeding your spirit with God's food.

Finally, write down a bible verse that you like and tape it to your bathroom mirror, then every night when you are washing your face or brushing your teeth, read it over and over. By doing so, by the end of the week you would have memorized a verse from the bible.

If you will start doing these things, I can guarantee that you will have a better week. Why, because you are spending time with the Lord and acknowledging Him in your everyday life.

Try it, if I'm wrong what have you lost? But if I am right, you would have gained so much more!

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