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If you haven't been following the devotionals this week, we are going through the Ten Commandments and seeing why it's important to follow God's laws. Today we will look at stealing.

Ex 20:15

"You shall not steal.

So why's it bad to steal?
One obvious reason is that someone will take what belongs to you and that would make you very mad.

But what about you stealing, why is it wrong for you to steal?
Maybe it's not something of great value or you're not robbing a bank. Maybe it's a simply getting to much change back at the store or it could be something as simple as someone making a copy of a computer game for you.

"What, that's not stealing you're just crazy."

Did you know it's illegal to make a copy of a computer game or program?
When you put the program or game on the computer you are agreeing not to give it to others. And if you do, then that's stealing.

Taking that extra change is taking what doesn't belong to you.

What about making copies of something at work? Did you pay for the paper or have you asked if it's OK to? (I bet if you asked they would let you.)

All these seem like little things that we all do at one time or another, but do you know what the results are? Higher prices.
That's right, companies add the cost of others illegally copying computer games and software and it would be safe to say that whoever you work for includes the cost of the employees using company material into the cost of their product or service.

Just think, if everyone in the world were honest and didn't do some of these little thefts, prices would be a lot cheaper.

Now suppose you went out and robbed a bank, what would be the consequences of that?
Well that's pretty obvious, you would end up in jail, possibly beaten or even killed in jail.
We all know these things happen, and why? Because people don't follow God's laws.

Today read God's words and take it as if He is speaking to YOU. After all He is.

"You shall not steal .

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