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Eccl 4:10 (NLT)

If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But people who are alone when they fall are in real trouble.

Have you ever heard of the Lone Ranger?
How about the Lone Christian?
Maybe you are a Lone Christian, just serving the Lord by yourself, not going to church, going through struggles by yourself, also never ministering to others.
That's right, if you are a Lone Christian, then you never minister to others needs.
We all have gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the purpose of the gifts is to minister to others needs. But how can you use those gifts if you are not around others to use them.

Think of it as if God had given you a brand new bus.
This great big beautiful bus has nice comfortable seats and it runs so smooth and will take a bunch of people anywhere.
But unless you are around those who need it, the bus will just sit there being useless, or even worse you will drive it around with no passengers, wearing it out with no use to others at all, only yourself.
If God would have intended it for you alone, He would have given you a bicycle that only sits yourself.
Also, in a bus you can talk with others and share you struggles or even theirs.
Get the idea.
Read today's verse again and ask yourself, "If I were to fall, do I have someone there to help me?"
If the answer is No, then maybe you need to look for a church where you can be a part of others lives, and they can be a part of yours.

Remember, even though he was called the Lone Ranger, he still had Tonto!

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